It is crazy that Riviera's cannoli can bring people from coast to coast to coast. Well, they are not just crispy shells filled with ricotta cheese, chocolate chips and citrus zests. They carry the sweetness of childhood and solidarity. A father drove his kid all the way from Thunder Bay just to share the homey spot he would run to if he needed any help as a little boy. 

Riviera has served so many people like them. For example, a retired couple from BC secretly ordered panettoni for their children who were too busy to look for their favourite Italian treats. Some Bostonians even visit us on a regular basis simply because this is the only place where they can find delicious pastries that taste exactly like their Nonna's.

At Riviera, we help to build connections both generationally and geographically. Our persistency in offering the best and openness to diverse preferences make us a symbol of College Street. For almost half a century, we have been specializing in providing fabulous food and drinks, as well as achieving the honourable mission of spreading love and culture. 

Join us here to enjoy and share your happy moments - they are the most crucial components of our story!