There is nothing more rewording for a business than receiving positive feedback from its clients. Riviera has got a lot of compliments from various customers, and mostly in Italian. Although it is not their native language, these food lovers are willing to learn a few Italian words for being totally sold at their first bites of our fresh and authentic pastries.

If you were ever lucky enough to see our marzipan display during the holidays, you would be astonished by the magic of Riviera's bakers which turns simple ingredients like almond and sugar into lifelike miniature fruits. Each piece is handmade, and therefore, unique. Getting a special gift for your special ones is the best give-away idea in festive seasons. 

While the stability of high-quality production keeps Riviera prosper in this increasingly gentrified area, the flexibility of its team helps attract customers from near and afar. We are old school, but we care for progression. We put the clients at the centre, so we customize. It only took two cusmters' inquiries to update our beverage menu in 24 hours...

We even inform our clients about new products by their first names, but you got to come here for the surprise!